Video Provokator Damai

“Bulu Gila” or Crazy Bamboo is the name of this dance, which is taken from Central Maluku folk game. This dance illustrates the situation during the game when the playe[...]
Sinopsis: Ayu, 20 years old, is an obedient Catholic, who wants to pursue her interest in theatre. When the communal conflict happened in Maluku in 1999, Ayu was still in Kindergar[...]
Gerakan ini mencoba membalik persepsi banyak orang bahwa kata “provokator” bermakna pejoratif. Gerakan ini meramu medium-medium budaya menjadi bagian dari gerakan perda[...]
We work together using songs, physical theater, dance, lanterns,etc. through those tools we were learning to trust each other, to balance together, to lift one another and building[...]
THE HAGUE – Ten influential bloggers from various countries visited The Hague, during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace.[...]